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Social Media

Social media is an excellent communication tool for connecting and building relationships with customers, clients, users, and consumers. Through our social channels, people can connect with our brand on an emotional level, and customers can gain direct insights into our company, products & services, sustainability initiatives, and more. ​​​​​​​Therefore, it is important that all Coroplast Group social media channels, represent the values and image of the Group and the brands Coroplast Tape, Coroflex and WeWire to communicated with the communitiy and to improving our brand image and visibility.

Social Media Banner Selection

In order for channels or personal profiles of employees to have high recognition and comply with the design guidelines, you can find banner images here.

Creating Social Media Posts

The format of your posts depends on the social media platform. You just need to keep the essential elements of our brand image in mind at all times. 

To promote a consistent look and feel, templates for posts have been created which can be used. You don’t have to use tehm in every post, nor should you.
Also, you don’t have to brand every post with a logo. The channel generally identifies the content’s author, and the Group of brand logos will often be found in the images you use. 

Templates for Social Media Posts

Social Media Guide Lines for Employees

Employees who are active on social media are not only acting as private individuals, but can or will also be associated with the company.
To make sure that their activities do not harm the Coroplast Group, they should review their activities according to the Social Media Guidlines.

The guidelines are to be made available to all employees.