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Basic elements Logo

The logo is the hallmark of our company, and its design is a key element of our corporate identity. It is used as a design element in most applications.

Colors and backgrounds

The logo is always used in the colored version insofar as permitted by technical printing constraints. It is placed free on a white background. The primary color of Coroplast Tape is red. If the logo is to be placed on a colored background or on photographs, the color application in the corresponding area may not exceed 10%. For dark or red backgrounds, the negative version of the logo (white) should be used. For light backgrounds and black-and-white applications, the logo should be used in 100% black.

The Tape Logo on different backgrounds

Logo protection zone

A protection zone is defined for the Coroplast Tape logo; this specifies the minimum distance from other elements. This protection area is defined by the height of the lower case “o” in the Coroplast lettering.

The protection zone of the Coroplast Tape Logo.

Standard size of logo and formats

The standard logo size is defined with a logo width of 48 mm for A4. In the case of larger formats, the logo is scaled proportionally. For DIN formats (A3, A4, etc.), this means a scaling factor of 1.41 (141%) per format. In the case of A3, for example, this gives rise to a logo width of 68 mm (rounded off).

Formats smaller than A4

A logo width of 35 mm is used for formats that are smaller than A4 – e.g., A5 or DIN long – and for all envelopes. A logo width of 35 mm is used for business cards.

Minimum size

The minimum size of the logo is 20 mm in width. If smaller logos are used in printing, the producer should be consulted beforehand.

Various logo sizes on DIN formats

Changes / distortion

As a rule, the logo may be neither changed or distorted.

Examples of inadmissible usages

Here are a number of examples illustrating ways in which the Coroplast Group logo may not be used. The logo can be placed on an image motif provided that it is still perfectly legible.

Prohibited logo examples


The logo can be placed variably. Here, the graphic designer determines the best position (graphically speaking) for the medium in question.

Running text notation

In running text, the company name Coroplast Tape is written like a proper noun, i.e. with an upper case C and T.