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Communication media Advertisements

Advertisements for Coroplast Tape consist of the following elements: Headline (English verb), background image, clip (design element) and copy.

Design und Typografie

The design of the advertisements thrives on the stimulating interplay between arty product photography and modern application images. The typographical image level with English keywords in verb form communicates usage benefits and rounds out the image composition. Here, a suitable product photo is integrated into the lettering as a close-up.

Size A4 portrait format

  1. Clip (design element) with picture
    Height: 76 mm
    Width: 69 mm

  2. Drop shadow: clip
    Coverage: 10%
    Distance: 3 mm
    Shown at an angle: 135°
    Size: 2 mm

  3. Drop shadow: image in clip
    Coverage: 20%
    Distance: 1.5 mm
    Shown at an angle: 135°
    Size: 5 mm

  4. Logo placement
    The logo is always positioned centered exactly beneath the clip.

Print specification


A4 as master copy