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Our brand Central messages

The world of technology is currently changing more quickly than ever. The electrification of cars and commercial vehicles is revolutionising the way we are going to move both people and goods in the coming years. Complex automation processes in the industry are changing how we create value in the global economy. Smart connectivity solutions across industries are enabling a better tomorrow. And Coroflex is leading the way with its broad range of wires and cables.​

What drives us

Why is that? Because we are mastering the challenges our customers face with our innovative ideas. Because our R&D expertise in the sector is unique. Because we love to solve problems that no one else is able to. That’s why we are a key development partner for our customers today. ​

That is exactly what drives us forward. Self-confident and ambitious, we work hard each day to find the right solutions for our customers, to respond quickly and to be at their service at all times. It is precisely this agility and entrepreneurial attitude that makes us exceptional – consistently combined with the highest standards in terms of quality, production and operating processes.​

But we aren’t about to stop there, as we have a clear vision: We want to be the global technology leader for advanced Smart Cable Solutions.​

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