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Basic elements Color scheme

When designing media and other applications, the colors used play a key role. They are oriented on the logo and characterize the corporate identity of Coroflex.

Coroflex corporate colors

Primary color red

Coroflex Red is used for colored spaces and accentuated text such as headlines and sub-headlines. If possible, it should be printed in the special color HKS 15. As an alternative to the special color, the primary color can be printed in CMYK.

Secondary colors black, gray, and light gray

Black is used for all running text, gray for a second language in the same text block. Light gray can be used for graphics and light colored areas.

Film color

Oracal 751c – 306 (Carmine Red) is to be used for adhesive films.

Die Coroplast Group Farben auf einem Blick

Color space definitions


Standard 4-color system in print area


Special color system in print area

Pantone (PMS)

Special color system recognized worldwide in the printing industry


Worldwide special color system for paints, textiles, etc.


Standard screen color system