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Basic elements Endorsement

As the new brands for the business units Wires & Cables and Wire Harnesses are not yet established on the market, use the Coroplast endorsement where appropriate. The strategy enables us to create a combination of two worlds, i.e. the advantages of a new, independent brand positioning for Coroflex and WeWire and the image transfer of our established, well-known family brand Coroplast. The business unit brands are thus supported by the family brand.

Trust and recognition

The Coroplast Group collaborates with a number of well-known companies, universities, artists, and sportspeople with the aim of promoting synergies and innovation. Over the years, the name of our company has thus become a permanent fixture and achieved a certain level of recognition.

In order to emphasize the affiliation of our various brands with the Coroplast Group, we place the endorsement “Part of the Coroplast Group” below the Coroflex and WeWire logos.

Logo Endorsement

The logo endorsement is used for advertisements and other advertising media. The logo endorsement is never positioned beside the logo and is used for communicating the parent company name. In this case, it must be placed on a calm image motif.

Der Zusatz Part of am Coroplast Group Logo.

Minimum Size

The minimum size of the logo endorsement is defined by the minimum size of the Coroplast Group logo, i.e. 20 mm.
In the case of advertisements, the logo endorsement will be the same width as “Coro” up to half of the second “o” (e.g. A4: 50 mm wide).
If, for technical printing reasons, it is not possible to use the colored logo, both the Coroflex logo and the logo endorsement are to be used in black.

Typo Endorsement

For business stationery such as business cards and letterheads, the typo endorsement “Part of the Coroplast Group” is used.