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The Pulsar

WeWire uses the pulsar as key graphic design element. In combination with emotional images, this graphically supports the expressiveness of the content. The interaction of the individual elements in the design creates attention and makes our media stand out.

The pulsar design element can be used flexibly and always appears in the bleed. The straight line that divides the pulsar in two is always set at the format border.

If the pulsar is being used on the x-axis, the y-axis position may not be changed either. The scaling of the pulsar depends on the motif being used. The same applies if the pulsar is being used on the y-axis – here, the pulsar may not be moved along the x-axis and must be rotated 90 degrees.

On white surfaces, WeWire Red must always be used for the pulsar. When a pulsar and an image are combined, effects can be used to refine the pulsar. This is done based on the image motif and is decided upon by the designer in question.