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Applications Name badges

Easily legible name badges designed in the look of the brand are an important part of the corporate identity for external and internal events. They support an inviting, valuable appearance, introduce the brand and individual contact persons, and spark conversations.

Our name badges are designed to be clear and concise: Logo and the WeWire's Pulsar the basis of the design. Above this, the first name and surname of the employee are prominently displayed. Please use the one-line template for short names and the two-line template for longer names. To set a line break, please hold down the Shift key and then press the Enter key.

Name bages WeWire

Here you can download the templates for our WeWire name badges.

Model name badge

We recommend the name badge model "polar 35" with magnetic attachment.

Supplier: www.badgepoint.com

Size information

Overall size: 80x34 mm
Viewing window: 74x34 mm
Name card: 74x34 mm